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Classes and Courses

Little Dragon Program

Ages 4.5-6

The Little Dragons program is a class designed for pre-school ages children ages 4 1/2 yrs -6 years old. The primary goal of the class is to make ready the student for the White belt (beginners) junior Taekwondo class.  The Little Dragons class is a preparatory class that focuses on the WHITE belt curriculum thus making the class a true beginners program at a decelerated rate of learning, thus making the class a more learning friendly environment for the child in mind. Students learn important life skills in a fun, exciting, and enriching manner.


Junior Program

Ages 7-12

Our Junior Program is tailored for all skill levels: Beginner-Advanced. In this program students will learn the foundational skills to be a great Taekwondo athlete and  martial artist. The classes will focus on physical conditioning, kicking & punching technique, sparring, and forms (katas or patterns).  


Students will also learn how to become leaders as we instill our Five Core Values in all of Kinetic Kick Students: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit. 


Teens & Adults Program

Ages 13 & up

In this program we incorporate kicks, strikes and combinations with strong foundational skills. Our teen and adult classes focus on three key aspects of Taekwondo: the traditional and artistic aspect, the fitness and sport aspect, and practical self defense aspect. 

In addition to the practical teachings of Martial Arts, you will see physical benefits from our program. Our classes blend functional movements with cardiovascular conditioning and will help you develop core strength, improve balance and stability, and increase spatial awareness and gross motor control.

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We Teach Taekwondo


Taekwondo - translated as "the way of the foot and fist." Originating from the country of Korea, Taekwondo is one of the largest and most popular styles of martial arts in the world- it is a style known specifically for its flashy kicking techniques. Taekwondo is an excellent way for students of all ages to receive the proper exercise and fitness training they need, while also learning the art of self defense. 

In addition to learning Taekwondo, we also supplemented  Kickboxing, Submission grappling, and Filipino Martial art to make us a more well rounded martial artist.


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